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 Recent Software Changes

VERSION 1.7.130 - APR  2017
System Change
- Tire Management - Tire Costs:
Made a change to ensure that when a tire is mounted on a vehicle, the cost on the tire record is charged to the vehicle via a work order, and the cost is noted in the tire journal.
System Change - Fuel Window - Tab Order:
The tab order on the Fuel Log dialog will now include the Hours field after the Total Cost field, provided the vehicle is being managed by hours.

Enhancement - Inventory Window - Column Settings:
All column width settings on the Inventory window will now persist for each user between sessions.
Enhancement - Data Import - Record Type:
The import processor will now strip-off any leading and/or trailing space characters from the record type column.
Enhancement - Reminders - Manually Completing a Reminder:
When you choose "Manually Complete a PM Reminder" from the Labor tab on a work order, the system will now carry over the fixed price and vendor (if defined) on a recurring task.  This behavior is now consistent with completing a reminder in the normal fashion from the Reminders window.
- Main Window - Work Order Search:
You may now locate any work order in the system using the work order number.  This feature has been added to the VIN, Veh No, and Tag No search box on the main window toolbar.  To locate a work order, choose 'Order No' as your search type, key-in the work order number that you need to access, then press [Enter] on your keyboard.  FLEETMATE will locate the vehicle record, then it will open the work order on your screen.
Correction - Work Order - Print Preview Dialog:
Found that FLEETMATE may not retain the "To:" date when specifying a date range for prior work order history, or for journal records.  This issue has been identified and corrected.  Both "From:" and "To:" dates will now be remembered between sessions for each user.
VERSION 1.7.129 - Sep  2016
- Main Window - New Column:
If you use the "Next Reminder Due" column on the main window, that column will now be labeled "Next PM Reminder".  A new "Next Admin Reminder" will now also be available.  This column will display the days remaining until the next administrative reminder will be due.  A reminder will  be considered 'administrative' in nature if it is not PM (work order) related.  Examples are Registration renewals, Safety Inspection renewals, and Emission Test renewals.  These types of reminders are setup using the Vehicle Details dialog for each vehicle.  To activate this new feature, you will need to click Options | Main Window Columns... and make sure the Vehicle tab is selected.  If you have made changes from the default settings, make certain that you note your changes including custom captions and column order.  This is because we need to reset the column values to their new default settings.  Once you have noted your customizations, click the Reset button.  You can now redefine your earlier customizations, then click Close.  Keep all checked columns grouped together at the top of the list. 
Enhancement - Work Order - Dialog Load Performance:
Implemented changes to improve work order load performance.  In a very large database,  the work order dialog will now load approximately twice as fast.  Typical load time will be < 3 seconds. 
Enhancement - Work Order - Priority:
If the priority on a work order is HIGH (2) or URGENT (3), the text "HIGH" or "URGENT" will appear on the printed work order form. 
Enhancement - Work Order - Email:
You can now send Work Orders and Invoices to customers as well as to employees and vendors. 
Enhancement - New Report - Payments/Fees:
Added a new report entitled "Payments and Fees by Description.  This report will summarize costs for selected vehicles for a specified date range by the description entered on the Payment record.  
Enhancement - Work Order - Print Preview:
The Print Preview dialog will now remember print options settings between sessions for each user. 
Enhancement - Work Order Labor Line - Account Number:
The Labor Line dialog now features an Acct No field that can be used to charge time to an account other than the Acct No entered on the Work Order window.
Enhancement - Work Order Labor Line - Invoice Number:
The Labor Line dialog now features an Invoice field that can be used to note an invoice number for work performed by an outside organization.
Enhancement - Work Order Labor Line - Warranty Information:
The Labor Line dialog now features the ability to specify whether work performed will be warranted for a specific number of days.
Enhancement - Work Order Parts Line - Invoice Number:
The Parts dialog now features an Invoice field that can be used to note an invoice number for material purchased from a supplier.
Enhancement - Work Order Parts Line - Warranty Information:
The Parts dialog now features the ability to specify whether parts replaced will be warranted for a specific number of days.
System Change - Security - Personnel Reminders:
In order for a user to be able to complete personnel reminders, the user must be granted access to manage personnel records.
VERSION 1.7.128 - Jan  2016
- Work Order - Print Preview:
When you choose to print a Work Order or an Invoice from the Work Order window, you will now receive a preview showing how the form will appear when printed.  

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