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HOW TO:  Setup A SQL Server Login for FLEETMATE Enterprise

This document will provide the basics for defining a SQL Server login for use with FLEETMATE Enterprise Edition. These are the settings required for a typical user of FLEETMATE Enterprise.
Note that when opening a database in FLEETMATE Enterprise, the Windows Integrated Security method of login is required. Individual SQL Server login credentials are not recommended or supported.

  1. Create the Login
    Using SQL Server Management Studio, create the login. This will typically be a domain user account. Set the default database. Select Windows Authentication.

  2. User Mapping
    Select the database(s) you intend to grant this user access to. The Database Role Membership should include: 1)-db_datareader, and 2)-db_datawriter.

  3. Status
    Make certain that the permission to connect is granted, and that the login is enabled.

The FLEETMATE Enterprise administrator will require elevated administrator permissions in order to perform administrator related functions, such as running an alter script during certain FLEETMATE software version updates.

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