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Code #1001 Encountered When Attempting to Preview/Print Reports

As you enter the Report Viewer window, and/or whenever a report is clicked, an error message appears reporting that error #1001 has occurred.

  • One or more FLEETMATE report definition files (.XML) is/are damaged.  Report definition files can be damaged if an attempt is made to manually modify a report using a text editor.

  • There is an invalid character in your database path, such as an ampersand (&).

  • On the Reports tab under Options | Preferences..., an incorrect path is specified. The default reports path is C:\Users\Public\FLEETMATE\Reports.

If damage to existing "XML" reports files is suspected, repeat the download/installation process from the FLEETMATE Website. Otherwise, reset your reports path to the correct folder, or remove the invalid character from your database path.

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