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Code #3343 - Unrecognized Database Format

When you attempt to start FLEETMATE, error code #3343 occurs.
The internal structure of your FLEETMATE database file has been damaged. This can occur anytime FLEETMATE is running and the connection to your open database is interrupted.
Zip the faulty database file. If the zip file is less-than 6 Mb, send your file to as an email attachment, and note your company name in the subject line.  If the zip file is greater-than 6 Mb, send your file to and note your company name in the message box.
Common Scenarios:
To help you avoid this issue, following is a list of common scenarios that can lead to code 3343 when FLEETMATE is open:

  I. Standalone and Network Installations
        Power Outage
        Operating System Fault
        Hardware Fault
        Unexpected Reboot
  LL. Network Installations (Database Stored on a File Server)
        Network Outage
        File Server Fault
        Intermittent Network Hardware (e.g. Bad Duplex Configuration, Cable, NIC, Hub, Router, Switch, etc.)
        Leaving FLEETMATE Open and Running Overnight
          (your server backup software will need to abruptly break the network connection in order to backup your database file)

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