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Inventory Journal Limit Warning

When you open the Inventory window in FLEETMATE, the following notice appears:

There are 'n' inventory journal records in your database.  You may want to consider reducing this record count, or have the system administrator clear the journal or adjust the threshold.  Run a journal report first to verify your current balances. 

The current count of Inventory journal records exceeds 200,000 where 'n' is the actual record count.  This is a non-critical advisory only.  
You can adjust this warning limit.  First close FLEETMATE.  Next, start Registry Editor and add/modify the following registry string value.  In the example below we are increasing the limit to 250,000 records.
Note this is a per-user setting, so this change will need to be made on each PC where you want to the limit to be in effect.

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